Lucretia King (1809-1862)

Born:  July 5, 1809
At:  New York
Husband:  Heman S. Hallock
Married:  16 Oct 1827
At:  Madison County, Ohio, USA
Died:  May 24, 1862
At:  Kings Valley, Oregon
Note; Obit shows 24 May 1862, Grave marker is suspected as being wrong with 14 May 1860 for death date.


(Note by Anne Trussell: I've added Mary to our King Folk tree, based on the DNA match and information from one of Georgeann's descendants.  However, many of her descendants believe she is descended from some powerful Seminole chief. )

Mary Hallock
B. 1825-1830
D. bef 1860
Married: Levi Mitchell, 15 Oct 1848, Ray County, Missouri

Phoebe Hallock
B. About 1828, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
D. Unk.

Sarah Hallock
B. abt 1834, Madison County, Ohio, USA
Husband: James Edelman, b. 25 Nov 1826, Fayette, Seneca County, NY
Married: 25 Dec 1853 (Divorced)
Husband: Caleb Mason
Married: 18 Oct 1876, Benton County, Oregon, (Divorced)
Husband: Amon Pyburn, b. about 1844, Missouri
Married: 12 Aug 1878, Benton County, Oregon, (Divorced)
Husband: William Bailey, b. 20 Jan 1832, Tennessee, d. 21 Jan 1912, Benton County, Oregon

Hopestill (Hope) Hallock
B. About 1836, Ohio
Husband: Jermiah H. Mason, b. 2 Jun 1833, Ohio, d. 19 Jun 1902, Benton County, Oregon.
Married: 7 Sep 1856, Benton County, Oregon, USA
Husband: Charles Jones
Married: 28 Jun 1853

Rhoda Ann Hallock
B. 23 Apr 1840, Ohio
Husband: Benton H. Pyburn, b. 16 Jun 1834, Missouri, d. Nov 1895, Benton County, Oregon.
Husband: Samuel Null
Married: 14 Jun 1854, Benton County, Oregon (Divorced)
Husband: John H. Shipley
Married: 7 Jan 1855, Benton County, Oregon, (Divorced)
Husband: Jacob Pittman, b. 15 Sep 1831, Ohio, d. 8 Jan 1909, Linn County, Oregon, (Divorced)
Died: 20 Jan 1926, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA

Amos Nahum King Halleck
Born:  2 Feb 1845 (From Death Cert. )
At:  Carroll County, Missouri
Wife:  Emma J. Miller b. 27 Dec 1848, Illinois, d. 28 Mar 1826, Polk County, Oregon
Married:  May 8, 1864
At:  Benton County, Oregon
Died:  October 28, 1920
At:  Monmouth, Polk County, Oregon

Sarepta Hallock
Born:  about May 10, 1847
At:  Ohio
Husband:  Ensign Vernon Rexford, b. 15 Aug 1834, Canada d. 25 Mar 1915, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Married:  June 29, 1862
At:  Benton County, Oregon
Other Spouse:  Charles Rexford b. 1844, Iowa d. 20 Sep 1924, Marion County, Oregon
Married:   10 Jan 1874
At:   Benton County, Oregon, USA
Other Spouse:  James R. Harlan, b. Feb 1860, Iowa, d. 3 Dec 1939, Multnomah County, Oregon
Married:  14 Feb 1899
At:  Benton County, Oregon, USA
Died:  December 10, 1912
At:  Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon


Margaret Maria Hallock
Born:  1 Mar 1849
At:  Ray or Carroll County, Missouri
Husband: George W. Erwin, b. about 1837, Ohio, d. 19 Dec 1879, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 
Married:  27 Mar 1864
At:  Benton County, Oregon
Died:  24 Jun 1911
At:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada